Upgrade guide

1. Provide default configuration

Options totally reworked.
Now you have setDefaults method to change toast dock configuration.

Now you can play with this, and create toast.json configuration for example

2. Callbacks totally removed from SnotifyService

Now you have jQuery-like syntax on toast object

vm.$snotify.prompt('Accept license', {
  placeholder: 'Enter your age',
  buttons: [
    {text: 'Accept', action: (toast) => { toast.valid ? vm.$snotify.remove(toast.id) : false }, bold: true},
    {text: 'Cancel' }
}).on('input', (toast: Snotify) => {
  if (+toast.value >= 21) {
    toast.valid = true;
  } else {
    toast.valid = false;
}).on('hidden', () => {
  /* do some stuff */

3. Custom arguments order

I worked on usability, and i hope this change should help with that.

Now you can pass skip arguments if you don't want to pass them. In that case we don't need to pass null in title order. We just skip it.

Unfortunately for now I can not do the same for body and title because both parameters are typeof string and I can't determine what exactly you are going to pass

vm.$snotify.simple(body, null, config)
vm.$snotify.async(body, null, action, config)
vm.$snotify.async(null, null, action, config)
vm.$snotify.simple(body, config)
vm.$snotify.async(body, action)
vm.$snotify.async(body, action, config)

4. Buttons

Now button action get only one param of type SnotifyToast and by default removes toast

 action: (toast: SnotifyToast) => vm.$snotify.remove(toast.id)


  • setConfig
  • maxHeight

All another stuff should not touch you

  • Renamed
    • SnotifyToastConfig -> SnotifyToastConfig
    • SnotifyOptions -> SnotifyGlobalConfig

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